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Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR)

We employ a rights-based approach that emphasizes full, free, and informed choice regarding all aspects of sexuality and reproduction. This includes expanding access to information and services related to contraception, safe abortion and postabortion care, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, cervical cancer, and more. We fully support access to high-quality comprehensive abortion care and are committed to expanding abortion rights, equity, and access for a gender-equal world.  

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Across the globe, EngenderHealth’s experience has shown that in every setting, contraceptive care can be safe, effective, and affordable. EngenderHealth partners with governments, national health systems, policymakers, community organizations, and healthcare providers to: improve the safety, efficacy, and quality of family planning services; increase contraceptive options, including for long-acting reversible contraceptives and permanent methods; and ensure that clients are able to make informed choices. We also work to strengthen service delivery by integrating contraceptive care with other health services that women and their families need, including immunizations, screening and treatment for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, cancer screening, and maternal and obstetric care.

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EngenderHealth works to expand access to comprehensive abortion care, including both induced abortion and postabortion care. Our goal is to ensure that women, girls and other pregnant persons, particularly young women and individuals with the least access to sexual and reproductive health services, can realize their fundamental rights and obtain high-quality, affordable, comprehensive abortion care, free from discrimination, within or near their communities. This includes advancing a self-care agenda through expanded access to medication abortion, as well as supporting comprehensive sexuality education for in- and out-of-school youth. We also partner with young feminist activists and organizations to advocate for improved laws, guidelines and procedures for comprehensive abortion care, as well as counter opposition and misinformation from anti-choice organizations.  

Information is a powerful catalyst for change. I believe the degree to which we monitor evidence, learn from challenges, and leverage best practices is integral to effectively improving the sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.”
–Danielle Garfinkel
Associate Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning
La lutte pour le droit à l'avortement est loin d'être terminée. Ensemble, les militant.e.s doivent redoubler d’efforts pour faire de l’accès, des prendre position et veiller à ce que les femmes et les jeunes filles, aux à disposent des informations et services un élément essentiel qui renforce de la capacité de contrôler leur autonomie corporelle et leur liberté de reproduction—ce qui revient à faciliter signifie avoir l’accès à un avortement sûr et sans risques."
–Maïfoux Nassirou
Responsable Partenariat et Plaidoyer
The fight for abortion rights is far from over. Together, activists must redouble their efforts to ensure that women and girls have access to the information and services they need to strengthen their ability to control their bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom—which in turn means access to safe and secure abortion."
–Maïfoux Nassirou
Regional Advocacy and Partnership Manager

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